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PIO Cigar Company started in Little Havana Miami in 1996, with four Cuban rollers in our factory in Miami Florida; Little Havana is Nationally recognized for manufacturing some of the highest Premium Cigars, and one of the Top Cigar manufacturers outside of Cuba.  Due to the high influx of Cubans in Miami, they have brought with them the old techniques and qualities of Hand Rolled Cuban Cigars used in Habana, Cuba before the Revolution in 1959.

More than 60% of the brands in the market today whether well known or not, depend on no more than 10 factories that are currently in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

PIO Cigar Company, has produced its own cigar for more than 19 years in Little Havana, Miami Florida, producing no more than 300 boxes a month for the national market.  It is a real boutique cigar.  Most brands use the term boutique when in fact they produce over 3000 boxes of cigars a month.  My commitment to all of my patrons at a national level is to maintain the exquisiteness and value of each and every cigar; and that can only be accomplished by PIO Cigar.

 - Alberto J. Medina

   Owner & Blender