Handmade Cigars | The Marcus Daniel Story

Learn more about how Marcus Daniel created the handmade cigars and some of the other high-quality cigar accessories that his cigar company provides globally. Contact us for questions and orders.

Bringing the Romance Back to Tobacco Since 1994 ™

"I keep a whole-store humidor on the corner just off Fifth Avenue in Historical Olde Naples, Florida, by the name of Marcus Daniel Tobacconist.  It’s not just a cigar store… it’s an experience."                        -Marcus Daniel

A master tobacconist, vitolier and cigar maker for twenty-nine years, Marcus Daniel has been behind the creation of more than two dozen proprietary blends of handmade cigars that are manufactured in four countries and sold worldwide.  These countries include the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras and Little Havana in Miami, Florida.  He is an icon and national cigar celebrity who has dedicated his life's work to follow the trail blazed by the great generation of cigar makers and tobacconists.

As a native of Northern California, his great-grandparents, who were immigrant pioneers from Europe, planted the original grape vines in the wine country there.  His adventures led him into the cigar business at the early age of 23.

He spends most of his time developing and putting to market the most exquisite gourmet tobaccos available and travelling between Calle Ocho, in Little Havana, Miami and Olde Naples, Florida to Havana, Cuba and beyond.

The next time you are in Florida, visit us and step back in time with a fine cigar, stimulating conversation, and a cup of Cuban coffee.  It’s not just a cigar store, it’s an experience™.

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Vitolier (definition) - In fine-dining restaurants, an experienced sommelier is on hand to advise customers in their wine selections. Similarly, the vitolier is knowledgeable in matters concerning tobacco and cigars, and advises clients in restaurants or cigar shops.