Alejandro Robaina - A Cuban Legend

Club Alejo™ is dedicated to the late Alejandro Robaina and his life’s contribution to tobacco and the Cuban cigar. The most famous Cuban tobacco grower in history, Alejandro had his first cigar at age 10. His passion for tobacco along with his kindness and wisdom, earned him tremendous respect with guajiros and big city cigar enthusiasts alike from around the world. A gentle farmer, and more importantly, a good person, I am proud to have known him as are many others, and cannot think of a more appropriate and exclusive cigar club to belong to than a club dedicated to Alejandro Robaina. It is an honor.

- Marcus Daniel    

Hirochi Robaina

Filling some Big Shoes, Head of Cuba’s most famous family tobacco farm and…

Grandson of Alejandro Robaina, Hirochi, after working at his grandfather’s side for fourteen years is now at the helm of the most famous Cuban tobacco farm in the world. At his request, a club in his grandfather’s honor has now been formed.

Hirochi, 35, spends his time growing and curing tobacco, while remaining focused on maintaining his family’s reputation for having the highest level of quality in tobacco production, as Cuba’s most famous tobacco growers. 

Like his grandfather, he is an extremely hard working tobacco farmer, with an intense passion for cigars. He also makes for a gracious host when visited by cigar fans and tourists at The Family Farm; Cuchillas de Barbacoa in San Luís, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

As one of the most knowledgeable cigar men in the world, he will offer exciting insight for Club Alejo™.

Amigos y los mejores puros.

Friendship with fine cigars. A master tobacconist, vitolier and cigar maker for twenty years, Marcus Daniel Morine has been behind the creation of many classic brands of handmade cigars that are manufactured in the United States, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. He is an icon and national cigar celebrity who has dedicated his life’s work to follow the trail blazed by the great generation of cigar makers and tobacconists.

He keeps a luxury retail cigar store and mail order house in Olde Naples, Florida and is President & Founder of Bidwell Cigar Incorporated, located in Northern California.

He spends most of his time developing and putting to market the most exquisite gourmet tobaccos available.

Members Only Club Details

• Club members will receive a personal newsletter from Hirochi Robaina annually.
• Each quarter, members will receive an allotment of six extremely select, limited production club vitolas*  ($600.00+ Value!).
• Coopera™ brand cigars available for purchase to club members only.
• Club membership includes an exclusive invitation to the Annual Club Alejo™ Cigar Dinner in Naples, Florida (gratis)**
• Club members are invited to attend club events throughout the year
• Club members are eligible to participate in the Annual Club Trip.
• Club members may sponsor guests and are encouraged to introduce prospective members at events.

    * Club members will not receive Vegas Robaina® cigars. Vegas Robaina® is a registered trademark of CORPORACION HABANOS, S.A.

    Club Alejo™ has no affiliation with Vegas Robaina® cigars.

    ** Club members who are unable to attend the Annual Club Alejo™ Cigar Dinner will instead receive four club vitolas.







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