Miguel Puldón


Miguel Puldón, a Cuban born photographer, has made a total of 100 exhibitions worldwide. He is the
personal photographer of the Alejandro Robaina family, and was the photographer for both the Habanos
Festival and Habanos S.A. for more than a decade. Miguel has also photographed big name Cuban and
American celebrities, including Compay Segundo of The Buena Vista Social Club, and participated in the
making of several documentaries. While in Cuba, he spent more than 10 years working for the well known
Spanish cigar magazine, Epicur. His work is well respected in Cuba and is largely linked to the Habano,
through his many series, which portray the Cuban cigar experience in traditional and unique ways. In fact,
many of these pieces have been auctioned off at the Habanos Festivals and commemorative events for the
anniversaries of Casa del Habano and the Partagas factory in Havana, Cuba. Puldón’s photographs can be
found in various landmark locations in Cuba such as the different Casa del Habano Stores, Hotel Nacional,
and the Partagas factory, and in other private collections in Cuba as well as around the world. His
collections can also be found at the Museum in the home of Don Alejandro Robaina. 


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