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Credo method

The classical method consisted in placing a water reservoir inside the humidor in which the air becomes quickly saturated by evaporated water.

As soon as the Relative Humidity runs past 85%, mold appears. Beyond 90%, cigars will rot away after a few weeks or even days.

The CREDO Precision 70 overcomes this problem. The secret of its originality lies in a physico-chemical solution.

The principle is based on the creation of melange of water and tensio-active substances which limits the potential of the evaporation of the water itself.

The humidity of the air is a function of the composition of this melange.

Therefore, the manufacturer controls the Relative Humidity of the ambiant atmosphere inside any humidor.

Precision 70 is a Humidity Regulator.


  • Humidors from 40 to 80 Cigars
  • Element: Oasis Foam
  • Factory Sealed w/ PG Added
  • Initial Application / Distilled Water Only
  • Size (inches): 4-1/2" x 3-5/8" x 1-1/4"
  • Size (mm): 108mm x 93mm x 28mm