Ask Paul

Q: Dear Paul, 

Where did the Snook go?  What happened to them & why?  Where are they now and which fly & technique should be used to catch them?  Oh... and which cigar is best enjoyed after a nice big Snook dinner? 

- Andrew

Grand Rapids, MI

A: Andrew, 

It`s a natural cycle . They`ll be back in force, bigger and stronger. The cold fronts in early 2010 killed off a lot of fish, many snook.. This happened in the backwater where they " winter ." In May thru August the fish are in the passes and along the beaches where they`ve come from the backwater.  Next season they will be back in force after wintering in a milder backwater.  2011 will be a good year and 2012 even better. Sit back, enjoy a Marcus Daniel HABANO and the fish will come!
(Message dated 11/6/2010 3:14:29 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time)

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