We recently celebrated Marcus Daniel Tobacconist's 20th Anniversary with a fabulous get together at the Yacht Club in Naples Bay Resort. A fantastic crowd of cigar enthusiasts joined us for what turned out to be a great time, as we sat besides the water listening to good music, having lots of fun with our raffles and other events, and of course, smoking fine cigars.

Lucky guests won some raffled items which included Marcus Daniel Cigars, Robaina Canvas Art, and an S.T. Dupont Lighter, just to mention a few. We held a fun blind tasting competition, and smoked a number of exquisite hand rolled cigars from the Marcus Daniel collection, selected by Marcus himself.

You can read more about what was going on at the celebration by viewing the previous event details.

We had a great time and Marcus would like to personally thank everyone that attended.

We had so much fun that we have decided to do it all over again in December! We will celebrate the arrival of the new HR brand, and we will have none other than the creator, Hirochi Robaina, here at the event to launch his new HR cigar! This event will also be free entry RSVP or get more info by clicking here.